week 5 - decision time

this morning, as most morning, my alarm went off at 6 so that i could go for my run. but the wind outside sounded kind of scary so i decided to postpone my run to this evening when hopefully the weather will be a bit better (the wind is almost gone now!!)

now, you all know how difficult is for me to go out in the evening but i had a sort of illumination, an epiphany (having an epiphany in dublin is top of the tops really eh eh) and now i'll tell you what it is. so, be patient, sit down and think of something clever to say :-)

besides trying to get faster through training i am also trying to do that by putting down my body fat percentage. my BMI is 22 and i'd like to reach 20. however, if i carry on like this i'll soon reach 50 eh eh!!

i've realised that i normally scoff myself between 5pm and dinner time and this where the joycian epiphany comes into it. if i managed to go for my run in the evening i would 'cover' the scoffing time and i would avoind waking up so early.

now, my runner and no runner friends, I need your help...how do i get home in the evening and avoid disappering in the sofa and behind lots of crap food??? what's your secret?????????????

February 5, 2008 9:44 AM


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