I have been neglecting this blog for a long time and lots of things have happened in the meantime. The two most important ones are:

1) I am back in london after 3 years and I am loving it :)

2) I am back in training!

I am not following any plan. I am just started to to build back the mileage and then, when 2010 comes, I'll start training for a spring marathon....whoohooo!!! still haven't decided which one....let's leave it open!

I am living in an area in london that I didn't know and I am enjoying going out there to discover new running routes. there are nice parks around here, but the 'bad' thing is that it is very very hilly and I DO hate hills.

there's one that I call "the hill of death"! yesterday though it seemed to have gotten shorter somehow!

I normally meet the "hill of death" at around mile 3 or 4 of my run and I struggle. it's 800 meters long and the last 300 meters are becomes too steep for me to run. so I normally plod on the first 500 meters and then walk the rest. One day I'll run the whole "hill of death"!!!! Today though I felt like I have been making some progress as the first 500m went by much quicker than usual....not that I was faster or anything but I felt less in pain and out of breath and then I thought "'s over, it's already walking time!!"....I guess that's a good sign :-)

this week I went out 3 times out of the planned 4 but yesterday I did some cross training as I walked for 2 hours in Hapmstead heath!! ;-) how beautiful is that place!!

wed: 10k
friday: 8k
sunday 12k!!!! :-)
total of 30k, more than 18miles...I am pleased with it!!


  1. er Moro said...
    Hi dear neo-Mokina, as you can see I will try to follow you also in your English blog, if you do not mind of course!
    monica said...
    why should I mind? you are more than welcomed here too :)
    er Moro said...
    I told "you do not mind" because of my English! However, now your business :D
    笨蛋 said...

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