who wants to join me??

there's a new challenge for us crazy runners (and not). it's called HUNDREDPUSHPS and it's fun..erm..not really fun, but I am curious to see how I will look like after the challenge.

who's up for it?

this is my first week and I am doing the girly ones on the knees. but you can join in at any time.

there are quite a few of us on Fetch doing the challenge. let's see how many bloggers fancy another challenge after juneathon :)

come on ... you know you want to!!

tonight I am going to a salsa club for the first time. I am not that keen so that would be another challenge for me. Let's hope I don't make a fool of myself.


  1. jogblog said...
    Ha, would love to join you but I am such a week, I can't even do one push up.
    Monica said...
    I can't think of a better reason to join in :)))))
    Anonymous said...
    I'll probably be called all sorts of liars, but...my record about 10 years ago was 250 (easily-I stopped), I can do 1 arm both sides, double claps are possible (just push harder than for singles!) but I only do about 60 at a go now as a warm up, maybe I should build up again. They are great, though-lets get jogblog started, eh?
    jogblog said...
    Are you two ganging on up me? I'm not doing push ups. Just like I'm not getting on a mountain bike or sitting in a car for 7 hours.
    Monica said...
    Ilike - now...you can't be serious!! 250??

    JB - what are you waiting for?? come on! you know you want to! ;)
    Em said...
    I read about this 100 push up thingy on another blog, but I couldn't even manage 3 push ups on the wii fit the other night and it told me I was a couch potato.
    Monica said...
    well girls, I am not doing the challenge because I can already do pressups on end. I have taken it up because I am so crap at them and I know that I will run better if my upper body is stronger.

    emma - I'd say F*** the wii fit :)

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