....well, slowly, but I am!!

so, this week is over and I have banked 31.5miles which I am pleased with. I went out 5 times and most of the times I avoided looking at the garmin. I am trying to follow my 'natural' pace as much as I can and guess what?! I am faster than I thought. the 5 runs included one hill session, one interval session (10 x 200m), 2 easy runs and a long run of almost 12miles and I am so glad that tomorrow is a rest day.

today I did my long run in sandymount and it was lovely. the weather was fantastic, there were lots of people enjoying the sunshine or having fun with their dogs. my garmin gives me an average temperature of 20c; summer then is here, and I guess this is as good as it gets. but after 3 weeks in horrid temperature in italy I am not going to complain about it all!! the run in itself was tough especially because I was thirsty. I normally don't take any water with me if I am running for less than 2 hours and I am normally fine, but today I suffered a lot. I was so tempted at one point to ask people with bottles of water if they could give it to me or of they could give me some money to buy something to drink. well, yes, I went out with no money, no water, nothing. just me, my garmin and my crappy mp3. how clever am I? so, when I got to k 15 I passed by a cool and stylish pub and the decision was made on the spot. in I went. stopped my garmin. I WANTED SOME WATER. there was noone around and I had to wait for 2-3 minutes before a cute (and very young) guy came to give me what I wanted...erm....water, with lots of ice!!! that felt soooo good. but maybe too good 'cause I lost it: I went outside, started my garmin again and off I went for the last 3ks of my run. but after a while I had a look at my garmin and realised that I hadn't started it!! DOH! it was stuck at 15.2ks and I had at least done 800m. damn it! well, I decided anyway to do 18k on the watch but when I loaded my data on motionbased I could see that I was right. I did 18.8ks, almost 12 miles! this motionbased is great, is even more precise than sportstracks.

I am still thirsty and in a while I'll hit the pub with some friends! YAY!


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