week 2 - done and dusted!

let's start by saying that on saturday I went to the cinema, which for many of you might not be a big deal. but lately, watching a movie outside the 4 walls of my apartment is quite a rare event. but what is even rarer for me is to go to the cinema with someone else (and no, it wasn't a date!). So basically I emerged from my shelter and became a social person. cool! I should do that more ofter! (?) anyway. I saw a very good movie: gone, baby, gone and I was so glad I went. Ben Affleck is an clever and sensitive director and his brother is just brilliant. it was difficult, though, to understand everything they said as they spoke with an accent I wasn't familiar with. there you go. the pleasure of being a foreign :)

after a week in which I struggled to find motivation to go out and run, I can say that I am happy about the milage and the quality of the work done. my first attempt of a decent run actually started back on tuesday, but I had to go back after only a mile as I was feeling really really bad. once at home I managed to do some of those exercises that you find on the flashy running magazines I read (I should stop buying them) and I used the ball I bought more than a month ago. yay!!
for the rest of the week I just went out to do 5 miles without caring about my pace and I ended up doing my fastest miles. weird things can happen. I concluded this unusual week of training with a painful painful 10 miler on sunday. I won't tell you how difficult it was but what I'll tell you is that I was soooooooo glad to be back home.

so, 4 runs this week with a total of 24 miles. not bad for a week of lack of motivation i'd say!

I have entered Longford half yesterday where I'll try to beat my pb. I have a month to get back on track and hopefully that would motivate me....who knows!


  1. Em said...
    24 miles on a bad week???!!! I think I need to seriously start getting my ar$e out of the door a bit more!!
    Andrew said...
    Sounds like a pretty good week's running to me! Hopefully I'll see you in Longford for the half.
    Monica said...
    em - I should be doing around 30 miles a week now, but i'll get there by the end of this week.

    andy - what do you mean hopefully??? come on! we'll all be there! all the irish fetch plus two guys from italy who are 2 real champions.
    are you not doing the 10 miler on the sunday before longford?
    Andrew said...
    Oh yes, I'll be at the 10 miler! And I'll definitely see you a Longford!! I reckon it's time for another PB!

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