the end!

tomorrow is going to be my last day in italy. I had 3 nice weeks, spent with old and new friends, with my family and my little nephew, eating ice creams and pizzas! but these 3 weeks have also been tough: it has been way too hot for me and I needed my space and privacy which it's difficult to have when I stay at my parents'. I am definitely ready to go back home!

today I did my first run of my first week of training for the dublin marathon: 4.35 miles in 41 minutes. nothing special but it's a start. I think I'm coming down with something and I struggled more than usual during the run. on top of this and of my lack of training in the last 2 weeks I had some problems with my first pair of running shorts ever. I bought them today but it was a bad idea:

they look really nice, but my inner (and fatty) thigh chafed big time and I had to cut my run short. I'll bin them. but I also bought some new cool headphones and they work just fine!

today I have entered the three races of the adidas race series: 5m-10m-half and on saturday it's already time to run the 5 miler. not sure I am ready for it, but I'll do it anyway :)


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