here is bloody hot. today the temperature reached 31c and it wasn't the hottest day. what really bugs me, though, is the high percentage of humidity.

as you know i did some allergy tests and apparently i'm allergic to some silly substances and now i've got to check all the products and food that i use daily... i just hope this is not going to be a waste of time and that my eczema will go away once and for all. i was housebound until thursday and that wasn't pleasant (you can see the different phases of the allergy tests in the pics). thankgod there's got air -con at my parents' and staying in was the only way for me not to sweat and compromise the tests.

since thursday i have been to the swimming pool twice: i swum 1,5k the first time and 2k the second time. so that makes it 3,5k which is 2,2 miles. not too bad considering that when we swim the effort is allegedly 4 times harder than when we run. today, I braved the weather and went out for a 5 miler. i can say only one thing: it was HOT!!!!!

Juneathon is over and JJ gave me permission to complete it, despite my problems. so, here is my GRAND total:

18/30 done (i started on june 5th)
miles done in june: 78,90 (bike + run + swim = am I ready for triathlon or what????)

there you go!!


  1. Liam said...
    When you back in Ireland ?

    Monica said...
    thursday :) yay!!

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