day 6

I am watching the pretty little girls playing (and losing) against holland in the european cup, maybe i should read a book instead, i will feel much more happier. first, they should all have a hair cut; then, they should learn how to play with dignity passion and skills. i should be their coach i think!

today i went out for a lame run, an even more lame than yesterday's. i wanted to do 30 mins but ended up doing only 22. my legs haven't recovered yet from the 2 maras in a months and from a very demanding preparation for them. i am so glad that i have joined the juneathoners otherwise i wouldn't be doing much before the beggining of july, when preparation for the next 2 maras in autumn start. even though i feel tired (and quite discouraged from my lack of fitness) i'm running every day. i hope that counts for something.

this is today's route (away from the canal):

6/30 done
miles done today: 2.5
miles done in june: 23.61


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