day 14 - juneathon in italy

I woke up at 3.15am and the taxi picked me up at 3.45am. I think that early flights should be made illegal! once home I spent the whole afternoon in a comatose state. I slept for a couple of hours and then I went out for my juneathon. 5 miles which were more like torture. I was really tired and it was quite hot for my standars. I should take inspiration from JoggerBlogger and go out early mornings. not that I can do his milage....

there are no parks in my village, but there is a really long stretch along a canal ideal for running. there are always many people running there as it avoids getting killed on main roads by italian drivers. they don't really care, as you might be aware. the only problems of this quite beautiful and peaceful route are the mosquitos and the lack of shade.

I will go for a walk soon so that I can take some pictures and show you the place :)

14/30 done
miles done in june: 66.09


  1. jogblog said...
    Please tell me your splits are in kilometres?
    Monica said...
    i could lie, and get lots of amazed comments but no....I can't lie: they ARE in kilometres...sadly!

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