day 2

i bought something today which i may regret soon: a tanita body fat scale. not only does it give you the weight but also the body fat - body water - body muscle percentages. I tried it this afternoon and i didn't like what i saw. i'll try again tomorrow morning and from then i'll start another challenge this time to myself: lose weight before dublin marathon (october 27th). the target is 60kg...let's see tomorrow what's the real starting point, but it should be around 66kg.

i went out for a run today again. i normally run from 3 to 5 times a week so running every day is quite a new challenge for me. i will have to find new routes though and maybe a bit more adventurous. nothing happens along my route: no creepy men, no crazy cyclist (I'm a cyclist so maybe i just don't dotice them)...nothing. i only see lots of people and cars and runners and swans.

did 4.35 miles (7km) in a very slow pace which felt quite fast... :(

1st: none
2nd: none
3rd: none
4th june: 4.21mi
5th june: 4.35mi

total: 8.56mi


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