juneathon (?)

well, i've joined in BUT i'm not sure what to do now. i'm waiting for instructions. i got it all wrong and i thought juneathon was a challenge to run 100 miles during june, but that something jogblog is doing. it's not running to and from different tube stations, i know that for sure, that's warriorwomen's job

JUNEATHON is different. it challenges you to run every day of the month. right, I got that now :) and i'm on!! but joining in today without having run yesterday and the day before yesterday now...that's a bit complicated and the masters (JJ and JB) are trying to find a solution to my special case.

in the meantime I'll just skip the fact that I did 4,64 miles on sunday.

today i went out for 40 mins and after 1 min my crappy mp3 run out of battery. so i set off without music under the rain to put the miles in (still thinking at that stage that i needed to complete 100miles this month). i did 4,21 miles and this is the proof (even though my sporttracks is set in ks):

now, i know that all the people involved in the variuos challenges have lovely gadgets. i don't. but i have a lovely pic of mine: my new fetchie t-shirt (is this a gadget?), my garmin 205 and my crappy mp3....only 512mb :)

waiting for the verdict....

juneathon summary:
1/30 runs
4,21 miles


  1. Adele said...
    Gadgets aren't everything! Having said that, I do lust after every new bit of kit that comes out ;) Your Garmin is newer than mine if that's any help!
    jogblog said...
    Newer than mine too. I've got a 301 which takes up half my arm.
    Joggerblogger said...
    Mines like a brick (Garmin that is)

    Welcome to the Juneathon funtime group - enjoy the pain build up as the month goes on, I'm aiming for 200 miles this month (I've done about 150 before)

    Monica said...
    I buy new gadgets only when the old ones die. I used to have a 201 myself...a brick is the right word really. one day I went for a 15 miles run and it died on me half way through. panic. i could run without my garmin. so after 2 hours i bought the 205. it's great.
    i'm hoping that soon my crappy mp3 dies so that i can buy a nice ipod :)

    200 miles JB? not taking that challenge up!! :)

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