yesterday for juneathon i did A BIG FAT NOTHING!! I guess that being so down in the last few days, feeling sorry for myself, thinking at times how bad i am and then how good i am, it's only that people cannot see it...i guess that all that has taken its toll on me and when it was time to go out for my run i felt completly exhausted!
sorry guys!
what happens next? have we decided what to do with losers like me?? :) I am planning a higher milage for the weekend because i've decided to put up a fight..they won't have me!
let me know what the deal is and i hope it's not going to be corporal punishement!!


  1. jogblog said...
    I missed two (or more) days of Juneathon. I'm hoping noone noticed.
    P.Hill said...
    Good to see your back :)
    Monica said...
    jb - i won't tell anyone!

    p.hill - thanks...i feel much better INDEEEEED!!

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