day 8

finally a decent (-ish) run today. am I recovering from the last 2 marathons? who knows! I managed 40 mins and 4.35 miles and I didn't feel in pain for the whole duration of the run. so maybe that's a good sign. let's see how it goes tomorrow.

today I went and bought one of those fitness balls. I have cancelled my gym membership and I'll do some excercise at home. it took me ages to inflate it 'cause it come with a silly little pump but I did it. i'll have to watch the dvd included in the package to see what kind of exercice i can do o it other than abs. i am sur it's going to be fun....

oh...and I have entered the overseas ballot for FLM...not that I trust the way they do things but there's no harm in trying, right?

8/30 done
miles done today: 4.35
miles done in june: 29.76


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