juneathon - what next?

here it's incredibly hot and i am hating it. i've never liked the heat. i can only take it if i am lying on the beach, which it's not happening.

i couldn't run on friday 'cause my tendon was still aching. i used my bike instead to move around my village. i didn't do much, maybe a couple of Ks, but I have taken nice pictures:

on saturday afternoon i had a wedding to go to and since i still couldn't run i decided to go to the swimming pool in the morning. there's a 50m outdoor swimming pool in my village and that's really a great thing. i wanted to complete 10 lengths so to do 500m. i hadn't been to a swimming pool in 2 years and i wasn't sure i could do it. after the first 4 lengths i felt tired but suddenly i found myself sailing and i managed 20 lengths for a grand total of 1k!! i was really quite pleased with it.

yesterday i walked quite a lot and my tendon seems finally healed. i wanted to try running on it today but it seems that my juneathon might be over. i went to the dermatologist today. i have had a nasty eczema for the last 2 years and i'm getting really annoyed about it all. finally i decided to ditch my homeopathy remedy and go to see a specialist. i did some blood test and the doctor said that everything is fine and that the only thing left to do is to carry out some allergy tests. so my left shoulder is now patched up with silly adhesive things (i don't even know the italian name for them) and i can't do much until wednesday, when they take them off. funny. he said that i shouldn't do sport 'cause i shouldn't sweat, and here i am, sitting at my desk writing this post sweating like mad! this aint't right!

not sure whether it makes any sense for me to carry on the juneathon challenge, which i have clearly failed!


  1. Joggerblogger said...
    Nice work on the swim - looks HOT there.

    Hope the skin sorts itself for you soon.
    Monica said...
    it is hot...I cannot take it anymore!!

    thanks! I hope that too :)

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