I have been very quite these days. I had a blogger friend over from italy so I took him around dublin and we did a nice run (my first after newry) in phoenix park. we walked like mad and if i had joined the juneathon i would have already won - well, if they make up their mind that is and decide whether walking counts or not!!
saturday though was taken over by my obsession with the most amazing and difficult race ever that some of my italian blogger friends were doing: the passatore 100k. i was getting live updated by friends who were there supporting and i could not concentrate properly on my guest :) every marathon runner in italy knows about it and many dreams of completing it; very few manage to do it. i am not thinking of doing it NO WAY, i am just fascinated by the idea that someone could run so long and on such A difficult route. one of my blogger friends finished among the first 4 italians and he will now join the national 100k team for the world cup...whoohoo!!
simone, the-winner-of-connemarathon-simone, is thinking of doing it and I'll be his support on a bike...that should be amazing.

I don't have a nike thing and after what i've read on my bloggerfriends' posts i am not going to buy one. my gorgeous garmin will do the job.

JUNEATHON: day 4 - mile 0!! (i'm doing great eh?!)


  1. jogblog said...
    It's only 4:30, you've got plenty of time to get a run in. Juneathoners do not wimp out!
    Monica said...
    juneathoners are cool and strong....they are not wusses!!

    I'll go for a run later in the day to get my first miles in.

    I'll also include my run on sunday to the final count ...and don't say I can't :)

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