well...last saturday, at 2pm the six nations started with ireland-italy at croke park. i was there!!! and that was my first live rugby match ever! not bad as a first ah?! when a friend of mine told me the day before that i could have two tickets i couldn't possibly say no!! i knew it was going to be an amazing experience and it was...even though the match wasn't the most exciting of all!!!

you know all about the match, so i am not going there! i just want to say that the rugby crowd can really teach a thing or two to the footie crowd! it was a great feeling being surrounded by thousands and thousand of irish and feel safe....having fun with them with no problems whatsoever!!! 84.000 people...all united by the love for rugby with no hate for the other team....that's what sport is all about!

I loved it...i didn't understand much of what was going on but now i'm going to learn the rules, yeah baby!


  1. badge said...
    Rugby crowds are good (can be a bit scarier in New Zealand I hear).
    Learning the rules is a good plan - this book did the trick for me, made much more sense of the game.

    Monica said...
    thanks badge...I'll have a look at it!!

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