week 5 - differences

it's being a week now that all my run have been kind of hard. true, the time as increased and the intervals have become longer etc etc. but now i know that i've come down with something, plus it's TOTM.

anyway, today i've decided to go out anyway and just run slow and see whether I could run this thing off. I did it 4.35 miles in 46' with a pace of 10:35. one and a half minutes less than usual. I should be a bit down but I'm not :-) I've decided to be geeky and compare today's run with my run last year this time. and basically what now is my slowest time ever, last year was my fastest. I used to do my easy run at 11:00minute mile and my long runs at 11:30 or 12:00. so that's why I'm pleased today with my bad run :-) I can see my improvement and it feels gooooood. the pics here show the runs so you can see it for yourself!!

and tomorrow....come on ITALY!!!


  1. Andrew said...
    I wish I had your commitment and perseverance! I'm going to try your approach (early morning runs), running in the evening just doesn't work for me and my training program is slipping away... unlike my waistline!!

    Can I link your blog to mine? I can never remember the name of your blog... "pensieridicorsa" isn't the easiest one for me to remember... I can barely remember my own!

    I'll be in the US next week and was thinking of getting a garmin 405. Would you recommend?

    Monica said...
    hi andy. of course you can link me :-)
    I've actually moved my training to the evenings only because i eat less if i do that :-) but for me it's easier in the morning, much easier....dunno why!!

    garmin 405???? I would buy it myself if 1) I had the money, 2) I hadn't bought the 205 in august :-) i think it's great

    let me know

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