Week 4

week 4 is over and it didn't really go according to plan.

it has been a hard week at work with a deadline for an artile on 31st. i used all my free time from teaching, marking and prep to finish the article off. i created more time for that by waking up early, meaning that i slept not longer than 6 hours at night. i skipped one run 'cause i couln't do it in the morning and postponed it to the evening....silly me.... i know all too well that i CANNOT RUN IN THE EVE i don't know why...how can i force my brain to get out even if outside it's 7pm and not 6am????

all the 4 runs i did this week were hard but i did them. i find that sometimes i get a bit down while i'm running 'cause i think that it should feel less tiring and difficult by now but it doesn't. why is that????

anyway..i try to stay positive and enjoy the sense of satisfaction after the run, after surviving that sort of fatigue that make it say to yourself 'that's it....i'll stop now...i can't do it anymore' and then you stick to it, maybe slowing down for a while.

the run that made me so so happy was today's run. it was really tiring, so much so that at times i felt literally sick. however it was amazing too 'cause i managed to keep the pace i wanted even though at times my heart was pumping so so hard that i thought people in the park could hear it.

i did intervals: 8X400m with 400m recovery (200m walk, 200m run). i wanted to stay below 2 minutes and this is how it went:1'47 1'54 1'45 1'57 1'50 1'54 1'57 1'49!!

now i am tired but looking forward to week 5.

-11 week to the marathon


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