week 8 - gone with the wind

OMG! when I moved to dublin I wasn't aware that the wind was so strong. why nobody told me before I accepted this job, it's a mystery to me :-)

anyway, today is one of those day....and because I have some catching up with my training to do, I went out despite the miserable weather conditions. plus, considering that this misery is quite common I really need to get used to it! so I went out for my 50 minute run, the usual out and back route and as usual the wind is behind me when I go and is against me when I come back.

I started very well and did the first 2.5 miles with a 9:00 minute mile pace. when I turned it got so so tough, but in a way it was funny. I think I looked like a cartoon character who runs like a mad but stays in the same spot. In the end I did 5.24m in 50' with 9:32 pace. it's not bad....it's basically as if I did a hill session even though my route is as flat as a pancake! and hill sessions are good for you, arent't they???

I hope the wind will stop for my LSR on sunday.....


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