week 8

week of low milage due to a flu and horrid weather!! I went out 3 times instead of 5 and I did 28miles instead of the planned 40, but there you go!

Today I went to Phoenix park for a 12.43miler. weather wasn't bad at all...it was sunny and only breezy rather than incredibly windy...glad I am not a lightweight otherwise the wind in dublin could really carry me away. the park was beautiful as it always is on a sunny weekend. it was only 10.30 am but there were lots of runners around and people with dogs. the deer were enjoying the spectacle sitting in circle as the ususally do :-) but the nicest thing I was were two deer running in a very regal way .... chased by a dog!!

I did my 12.43 miler in 1h58'48'' with a pace of 9.35 and I am quite pleased with it even though it didn't always feel like a walk in the park :-) where
I train is not really what you'd call FLAT, quite the contrary and being allergic to hills doesn't help!


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