yesterday evening the weather was crap and my legs felt kind of heavy after the long intervals of wednesday. I had a 8miles+ run planned. I waited for the rain to stop even though what really really bothers me when I run is the wind which was showing no sign of easing off. quite the contrary. it was blowing and blowing.....the rain wasn't stopping either so I decided to eat instead.

today's run can't be skipped and the wind is still here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! yes, ok, the sun is out but, really, who cares???? when I run against the wind I just feel like fighting against monsters, like being at the beginning of a very very steep hill which lasts forever. my breathing goes mad and my legs freeze.....the joy of running!!!!

right...I know I'll have to go out there at some point today. I'll be strong and brave and at the end I'll be exhausted I know but the hard work will pay off in the end...or so they say!

on the exhaustion bit: is it only me??? it's 6 weeks to my marathon, 10 weeks into my new trainign routine and I constantly feel tired! is it really only me? I read other blogs and everyone seems kind of fine... I am so NOT!!!

I can't wait for taper time!!


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