week 9

I had a horrible week at work with a news that really hurt me and depressed me. but I cannot do anything about it and I don't think it's worth crying over it. so, I've decided to pick myself up and move on.

training is going well and even though I managed to go out 3 times out of the 5 planned I still did 38miles this week, so not too shabby :-)

today I did 15miles and I had the stupid idea to go out without bringing anything to drink with me. On Fetch there is a thread where they are discussing whether to drink or not during LSR and some of the peeps said they don't take anything on their runs. So I just wanted to try as I hate bringing stuff with me when I am running. It, obsviously, didn't work and the last 4 miles were very tough. I stopped and bought something to drink but it was too late so I had to drag myself to the end of the 15 miles. anyway, I finished in 2h28 which is almost 30 minutes less than the last 15miles I did. So, this should mean that I am going somewhere, right? the pace was very uneven but the average was 9:33

tomorrow I am going to durham, if the storm which IS SUPPOSED to arrive here does not prevent me from flying, that is. but I cannot hear any storm approaching ..... I should be there until thursday and I will bring my running shoes. there is a gorgeous countryside around durham and I'll take advantage of that :-)


  1. Susie Hewer said...
    Hi Monica,
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Your training seems to be going really well. Hope the storm doesn't stop you flying today - we've already had a powercut and the wind is ferocious! Susie
    Monica said...
    nothing in dublin yet susie and they were giving away sand bags yesterday! hopefully they got it wrong!
    jogblog said...
    I never used to take a drink out with me but I have done the last couple of times. Not sure if it helped though.
    Phil said...
    That's some great mileage. I am trying to get under 4 hours in a marathon. Hopefully before i am 40 to :) (5 years to go here)

    Great blog found it through Cathys blog JogBlog.

    Will be back for more ;)
    Monica said...
    phil - thanks a lot for your comment. when and where is your next marathon??

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