week 10

strange week this week. I do not understant what has happened :-)

I went to durham for 3 days and I felt soooo lethargic and tired. I went to sleep very early and slept for more than 8 hours per night, which is very unusual for me! I didn't have the strength and will power to put my shoes on and go for a run.

when I came back to dublin, on thursday, I did a very good run: 4.97 miles in 41:23 with a pace of 9:07. I thought, strange, I just got off the plane and I am shattered...maybe it was just a sign that my energy was finally back. but, no!! on friday I felt sleepy and sluggish again and decided to postpone my interval sessions to saturday morning.

saturday, 8.30 in the morning I start my intervals feeling quite well and optimistic: 2x5000 plus warm-up and coold down, with a total of 10miles. The first interval went quite well, yay, but at the second one my legs packed up big time and so did my head!!! after 7.46 miles I took a cab and went back home. what's wrong with me, I thought....really....I just don't get it!!

I felt really down, so down that I skipped my 5k this morning and I thought to give a miss to any type of run for today. my legs were heavy, my mood was baaaaad!!!

but the mind is strange and suddenly I felt like going out and try to run the same distance as last week and maybe a bit more....and so I did!!!! 15.5miles in 2 minutes less than last sunday: 2:26.37 with a 9:22 average pace. Isn't it strange how mind and body work??? I still don't get it!! one day is totally crap and the day after is just perfect!! plus, how is it that I always get in wrong??? I feel fine and my run is crap....I feel crap and my run is goooood!! I am SO confused!
The thing that would have made this run perfect: 2 more miles....but once I reached my target my legs dediced that, no, they were not going to move anymore....boohooo!!! how I am going to run 20 and 22 miles in the next 2 weeks is beyond me....not to mention a MARATHON...but then, WHAT DO I KNOW????????????????

I am going to do what jogblog does...I really like...I hope she doesn't mind

this week's runs: 3 out of 5
miles covered: 28
hours run: 4h23'55''
avarage: 9:25
calories burnt: 3,048
good runs that I thought were going to be crap: 2
crap runs that I thought were going to be good: 1
times I knew how my body was going to react: NONE!


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