week 11 - strange day

yes, I went out today despite the wind. once out I actually felt very good and my legs were fine. my speed was better than normal and I thought to stay with it 'cause I knew that on the way back the wind would have been against me and it would have been slow slooooow!! I did 8.70 miles and the first half was faster than my long intervals on wednesday with an average pace of 8:26...whohooo!!! but the second half was bliddy slow. I finished in 1h20'55''...not bad for a windy day :-)

when I got to sandymouny it was very surprising to see the high tide and the water getting very close to the street...quite unusual. but at one point something more unusual caught my attention and I had to stop: there was a guy in the water with a wet suit and, I guess, water skies. he also had a kind of kite. because of the wind the kite was high in the sky and the guy was actually flying on the water....it was amazing....I just wanted to join him.

when I got home it started to rain....crazy day really!

today, all the pubs in ireland will be closed...they really respect good friday over here!!! well...maybe not..a friend of mine told me that there's always a queue on thursday night outside the off licences so that they can get hammered on good friday anyway!! so civilized, isn't it??? :-))))


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