week 12 - yay for gels!

this week has been weird. I had 2 good runs and 2 terrible ones. well...at least it's an even game, innit?! throughout the week I was thinking about today's LSR: 35km, 21.7miles. very importat for the moral!

the whole thing started on a couple of positive notes: a friend was willing to join me and run @ my pace for the last 10 miles or so; another friend gave me a gel to try and I was convinced that it would have helped me along the way - even though my first and last experience with a gel was eeek! but then this morning I woke up completing forgetting of the clocks change, my garmin was flat and I thought, oh crap!

I left home with no money, no music 'cause I was meeting my friend and he has a car and i thought i don't need these things, i just bring my mobile in case we miss each other. plan: i run 10 miles on my own and 10+ with him. on my way to our appointment I stop at a pub for a wee and when I get there, there's no sign of him. I wait for a while, I run up and down, I call him a couple of times but NOTHING! it turned out that he was there and started to run looking for me, following all the ladies with a bright yellow jacket risking of being arrested for harassment but he DID NOT HAVE HIS MOBILE ON HIM! great, we totally missed each other and, as usual, I run the whole bloody thing on my onw WITH NO MUSIC.

after 2 hours I take the gel. I was a bit anxious 'cause I thought that I was going to puke, but it was actually quite nice. I wasted 2' to take the bottle of water out of the belt and drink and put the bottle back in the belt. but then I picked up the pace, I kept it, I slowed down, I picked it up again. I think the gel had some kind of effect as my legs did not feel like stones but just like wood :-)

I finished in 3h31' with a pace of 9:44. I could have done a lot better if it wasn't for all the breaks but I am quite pleased with it.


week 12

runs: 4 out of 5
miles: 43,75
calories burnt: 4,500
hours on my feet: 6h40'
good runs: 2
bad runs: 2
lost friends: 1


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