don't really know where to start from.

I was feeling very well and I was very confident about my 18+ miles (30k) LSR. maybe just a bit apprehensive because of the new approach to the LSRs, but my legs were great and I thought that I could have done it.

the new approach, just in case you are wondering, is to do my LSRs keeping an eye on the pace. on top of that the idea is to do them 'in progression', that is faster than how they started. before I changed my training plan I just aimed at finishing them, no time no progression in mind.

I managed only 16.16 miles and I struggled .... a lot. at mile 9 I was already thinking of going home but I kept going without looking at my garmin anymore. I took long walk-breaks (which I normally don't take) and I dragged myself home. my legs were made of stone, my breathing was difficult and I don't know what to make of this:
was it just an off day? is it my pace that is too fast and I can't keep it up for so long?? (actually I managed to do 2 25ks (15+miles) at that pace so...I am not really sure about this).

Now there's only time for a 22 miler next weekend and then connemara half before my marathon. have I done enough to attempt and improve my time? what if I fail the 22 miler too? it feels like a big step to take right now....

lots of doubts...feeling a bit down right now.

i hope you all have some words of wisdom for me guys :-)

this week's runs: 4 out of 5
miles covered: 41.25
hours run: 6h28'43''
avarage: 9:25
calories burnt: 4,434
good runs: 3
bad runs: 1

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  1. Andrew said...
    Looks like you're doing really, really well... just 1 off day!! Keep up the good work!!

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