there are many races at the weekends around here. which is cool. so this morning, after 6 MONTHS of NO racing I set off with my dad to join a couple of hundreds runners (maybe more) for a non competitive race. yes, you've read it right.

I had heard about them and I've always thought it was kind of weird and today was my first. this is how it works: at the non-competitive races you don't get a bib number, you can start anytime you want within a time set by the organisers (this morning was between 8 and 9), there's not official time at the end and there's no winner. that's it. I still thought it sounded weird, but now that it's over I say...yeah BRING THEM ON!!

we only paid 2 euros each (!!!!!). we could choose to do 6k - 12k - 18k and along the course the drink stations were really cool. one every 3k with water, water and lemon (very good for my stupid tummy), pieces of oranges and lemons, biscuits, toasted bread with jam, sport drinks....2 euros!!!! on top of that the course was stunning. we had access to the gardens of some venician villas (I live just outside venice now) which you normally have to pay to see. my dad and I run together for most of the time and finished together. after we crossed the line, the feast continued with free (included in the 2 euros that is) sandwiches, cherries, water, wine and beer, yoghurt. I was truly impressed. Another good thing about this type of races is that you have all sort of people running it, and walking all the annoying competitive crap that I have to see in normal races over here is not there!!!

I finished in 1:59...very slow, I know, but it was the longest distance attempted after the injury pause. Plus, it was hot, too hot for was 28c and I am not used to that anymore. It's good that they start so early in the morning.

Now I have a nice sun tan :)

my juneathon this week went quite well even though I had to opt twice to just go out for a short walk. Once for girly pain, once because I walked in venice all day, and if you have been there you know that that can kill you!! all those streets and bridges!

juneathon - summary
1/30: 3.73 miles (run)
2/30: 5 miles (run)
3/30: 3.12 miles (run)
4/30: 5 miles (run)
5/30: cross-training + free weights (50')
6/30: 2 miles (run)
7/30: 7.5 miles (run)
8/30: 12.6 miles (cycling)
9/30: 1 mile (walk)
10/30: 5 miles (run)
11/30: 5.5 miles (run)
1.5 mile (walk)
13/30: 3 miles (run)
14/30: 11 miles (run)
total run: 50.85 miles
total cycling: 12.6 miles
total walking: 2.5 miles


  1. Anonymous said...
    Well done on the Juneathon so far. The non-competitive race sounds cool - you've inspired me to investigate if there are any near me that I could do. Thanks
    Andrew said...
    juneathon?? I noticed that on Emma's blog too... what's it all about??
    Monica said...
    eatingtrees - have you found anything where you live?

    andy - this is the official definition of Juneathon: "it's bigger and much more fun than the London Marathon and doesn't involve running 26.2 miles in one go. You can run 26.2 miles over a month, or even less, all you have to do is run every day. Or at least walk a bit". we just do something everyday :)
    René said...
    That sounds like fun. I'll be traveling there soon - where can I find out about the non-competitive races?
    Monica said...
    rene' - not sure. I'll ask around and I'll give you a link. where excactly will you be?
    René said...

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