juneathon 4/30

today I went out a bit earlier than usual 'cause it didn't feel that hot and probably it wasn't. I mean, there were probably 25 degrees. which is not 36....that'll come soon. so anyway I went out at 6:45pm and the first ks were really tough. my legs felt heavy and my breathing laboured. I got unitl the end of the first half of the path, ready to cross the road to get to the second half of it but it was closed due to road work. I turned aroung a bit disappointed and tried to finish my planned 5 miles. by mile 3 I started to feel much stronger but I was sweating so much it was unbelieavable!! my eyes burnt, stupid sweat! I think it's time to invest some euros in a nice hat.

so there you have it:

5 miles in 51 minutes
pace - 10:17

juneathon - summary

1/30: 3.73 miles (run)
2/30: 5 miles (run)
3/30: 3.12 miles (run)
4/30: 5 miles (run)
total: 16.85 miles (run)

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  1. René said...
    yay! sometimes warmup is hard, eh? It feels great to get the sweat off.

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