juneathon 5-8/30

I have been very lazy and stopped blogging (again) about my juneathon achievements!!

so here comes a quick summary:

5/30: I decided that 5 consecutive days of running was a bit too much. so I opted for some cross training. as you know (or maybe you don't) I am back at my parents' house for the summer and my mum has got a collection of tools to exercise as she hates the gym. quite handy, really! One of these is a sort of elliptic machine which squeaks like mad. I hopped on and did 30'. I thought I was going to kill myself after that, but I didn't and I am happy to tell you that I am still alive, therefore blogging. but it was BORING and NOISY! after that I did some free weights exercises and I played with the hula hop :)

6/30: short jog

7/30: I attempted 12km. I managed to complete the run but I was really knackered at the end. I can believe I ran marathons!!!! I am very grateful to the friends that stopped along the route (the village is tiny and the route is a walking path along a canal): they gave a good excuse to stop and breathe :)

anyways. I finished my first week of juneathon having completed 26.3 miles!!!! yay me!!

yesterday I was too tired to try and run again, especially after the 12km killer run so I hopped on my city bike and did 20km. I was very pleased with that.

not sure what I'll do today.

juneathon - summary
1/30: 3.73 miles (run)
2/30: 5 miles (run)
3/30: 3.12 miles (run)
4/30: 5 miles (run)
5/30: cross-training + free weights (50')
6/30: 2 miles (run)
8/30: 7.5 miles (run)
9/30: 12.6 miles (cycling)
total run: 26.3 miles
total cycling: 12.6 miles


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