I have decided to dust my blog off to celebrate my second attemp at completing juneathon. Last year i failed miserably due to a stupid allergy test. this year nothing will stop me...maybe!!

so 3 days have been done and dusted...three days of running!

1/30: 6km
2/30: 8km
3/30: 5km

clinck on the day for evidence:

so far so good :)

I haven't been blogging in a while so here is an update:

a) I had to stop running for 3 months due to injury (ITB).
b) I am back to italy for the summer....and it's getting quite hot


  1. jogblog said...
    Welcome back to blogland!
    Em said...
    Yes, welcome back! I'm envious of you going back to Italy for summer - can I join you?!!!
    Monica said...
    thanks :)

    emma, you can join me and as a matter of fact you can take my place ;) I am not a big fan of stupid high temperatures and insane humidity level, unless I'm lying on a beach and I am NOT...not until the end of july!

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