juneathon update

I have been away for a week and my mileage has dropped substantially despite all my good intentions. I went back to dublin for a 3-day conference and I was staying at friends. It was very difficult to fit in a run between the conf and tentative attempts not to be rude with the people who kindly gave me a roof over my head: how could I have said I am going for a run when the dinenr was ready, or when the conversation was really nice and interesting? so for the days of the conference I just walked like mad everywhere I could. I have no idea of distances and time but all I know is that by the end of the day my feet really hurt.

I managed to go for a run on sunday along the beach in dun laoghaire and that was really really lovely: beautiful landscape and perfect temperature (13c and cloudy): 4.5 miles

On monday I was off to belfast to stay with friends and do some sightseeing. once more, I had a few logistic problems to go for a run so I did situps instead: 2 series of 50 on monday and tuesday. On tuesday the plan was to get up before my hosts and go out so not to disrupt anything they had planned for my visit. but her baby cried all night and when I finally got up it was too late to do anything. Yesterday though I managed to get up before them (the baby had a quiter night) and I run for an hour (5.6 miles) before resuming the sightseeing :)

I am slightly disappointed at my juneathon efforts this week so I'll try to make up for it in this last final week.

Juneathon summary

1/30: 3.73 miles (run)
2/30: 5 miles (run)
3/30: 3.12 miles (run)
4/30: 5 miles (run)
5/30: cross-training + free weights (50')
6/30: 2 miles (run)
7/30: 7.5 miles (run)
8/30: 12.6 miles (cycling)
9/30: 1 mile (walk)
10/30: 5 miles (run)
11/30: 5.5 miles (run)
1.5 mile (walk)
13/30: 3 miles (run)
14/30: 11 miles (run)
15/30: 1 mile (walk)
16/30: 5 miles (run)
17/30: 5.6 miles (run)
18/30 walk
19/30: walk
20/30: walk
21/30: 4.5 miles (run)
22/30: sit ups
23/30: sit ups
24/30: 5.6 miles (run)
total run: 71.55 miles
total cycling: 12.6 miles
total walking: 4 miles (approximately)


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