I am ready (NOT)

yesterday I found out that there would be only 350 people running newry marathon. there are more running the half, but they'll be starting after us. I can see how this is going to develop: I'll be running the whole thing on my own. not sure how I feel about that. for the first time in a race I would have to resort to using my crappy mp3 which I am not sure will go on for 4:30 hours :(

I am not ready I don't think. I feel tired and bloated and I guess the nutella didn't help. my legs feel tired. last saturday I attempted interval training (3x3k) and it was pure pain during the last one even though I got to run for half an hour with my friend simone, winner of connemara marathon simone. so while I was suffering at 9:00min/mile he was basically walking next to me.

monday I did my last long run before newry: 18k, approximately 11 miles. I set out with a new route in my mind 'cause I was tired of running in the same places and simone suggested to go to the red lighthouse in sandymount.

I also decided to set my garmin to give me splits only every 5k (3miles more or less). this is what simone would do and I guess he knows what he's doing since he wins marathons. for the first 5k the route was quite familiar as I go to sandymount for my runs quite often. I felt very tired from the beginning of the run and I was hoping that I would feel better as the run carried on. I was wrong. the second 5k was hell. the path to get to the lighthouse is an off-road one and it goes up and down until it gets to a road with long bits of sand. I found it quite hard and I stopped looking at my watch and just enjoy the landscape which is truly breathtaking. I got to the lighthouse just when I was half way through my run so I decided to stop and have a look around. there was a group of guys doing kite surfing and I was mesmerised by that. it looks really fun!! maybe I should give it a go. I breathed deeply. I love the smell of the sea. I am a sea girl. I grew up on beautful seaside places in italy as my dad was in the navy and I really miss it. so it was great to be at the lighthouse. you can't actually see it from the pic but the sea is on both side of it. beautiful!!

when I turned to go back home my legs felt strangely lighter and so was my breathing. I started to speed up and I felt really strong. I finished faster than I started which doesn't mean that it wasn't tiring, but it was that kind of tiredness which makes you think how great this running madness is!!

this is the graph of that run in km:

not sure what will happen on monday. it's an experiment for me so whatever comes will be good, I guess. I am not looking to pb. I guess I'll finish it in around 4:30 which it's ok. I just want to finish it and learn how to race properly with a smooth and constant pace without too much walking. so there you have it. this is going to be interesting.

I will be meeting (hopefully) some nice fetchies and that will be the best part of the whole experience.


  1. Megan Hall said...
    Good luck! The later half-start might help you not be alone for so long. Have a great race!
    Monica said...
    hi megan, thanks!
    are you doing the half??

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