I can't believe it!!

when I saw what my training programme had in store for me today, 5 days after a marathon, I was certain that it wasn't going to happen: INTERVALS....3x3k at around 8:40min/mile....yeah right, I thought.
It normally takes me a couple of months after a marathon before I start training seriously again; but of course things need to change if I am going to do newry in 24 days (OMG!). On top of that it's TOMT and I am exhausted 'cause I have been running up and down (even though I'm on holiday): hospital visits (to try and get rid of a silly eczema that I have had for far too long), trying to spend some time with my gorgeous nephew, with my friends etc etc.

Anyway these are my splits:
first interval: 8:35
second interval: 8:39
third interval: 8:32

I am simply amazed...let's hope it lasts :-)


  1. Mathias said...
    I want salutare you, here in this english version :-)
    Monica said...
    hey mathias! welcome to my english blog. it's very quite in here though. it's nothing like the italian one :-)

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