newry city marathon/2

i went to put my nick on my fetch vest today but they couldn't do it before friday :-( anyway, I am sure peeps can easily recognize me among 346 runners. I have just found out that there is a guy with an italian name running tomorrow. I'll try to look for him and nag him a bit ;-) i am very good at that!

the weather forecast for tomorrow seems promising so i have decided to admit to myself that it is not true that timeit doesn't matter how long it'll take to finish it....hell it does! i've printed out from the internet a wrist pace band for 4:15 (which will effectively be a massive pb). i'll do the first part quite slowly (@9:47min/mile) since it is the hilly bit and then i'll try to pick the pace up to 9:39....and see how it goes.


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