after a week in italy being spoiled by friends and family I came back to dublin yesterday afternoon. I was meant to do 12 miles but I was too tired and I thought....well tomorrow is bank holiday I'll do it tomorrow.

tomorrow was today and today I was in a strange mood. a guy was beaten up in italy by 5 skinheads who got upset 'cause that guy did not have a cigarette! the truth is that they must have seen in him something strange. apparently they had already beaten up immigrants, people from the south of italy, gays etc etc. when I moved from the south to the north of italy I was subjected to various forms of racism (not violent though). some people made me feel like a foreign in my own country, it was actually worse than living in a foreign country. anyway, the news upset me. and before going out for my run I found out that this guy had died!

my legs were feeling fine. I took the route with hills, 'cause I have found out that newry is ondulating...don't know how much though. then, at mile 7 my tummy got even more upset than I was. I couldn't find a loo....I took a taxi and went back home. 8.60 miles at 9:32min/mile. and you know what? I don't care. there are more important things in life than a run gone wrong!


  1. Andrew said...
    There's always next time! Sometimes it just doesn't work...

    Shocking news about that poor guy who died, I hope they cought who ever did it.
    josiegrosie said...
    Jeeez that's nuts!
    Is there really such a north/South divide thing going on in Italy?
    I mean, is it the history of non-unification/city states?
    Anyway hope you are feeling better and bestest of luck in Newry!
    Monica said...
    thanks guys!

    yes jo - the divide is still quite strong. I think italy is politically united, but culturally....not so much!

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