mind and tummy

there's no point in hiding it. i'm concerned. this idea of doing 2 maras in 1 month is perhaps...
WRONG! my tummy has been playing up recently and my long intervals on saturday became A long interval. i felt sick half way through and i had to finish plodding on. the first interval though went quite well: 5k in 26:54...

yesterday i went for my last long run. i planned 15-18miles and i managed 15 in 2:36. my legs generally feel really fine, they give me no problems. i should be very pleased with that. may last year i managed to do 25 miles. up to now i have done 65 miles this month and it ain't over.

i should be very pleased. BUT I AM NOT, REALLY! things are not going as well as they should because of my tummy. but that's not it. my mind isn't working either. during the LSR yesterday, at avery little twinge or discomfort i had the most stoooopid thoughts: "i shouldn't be doing this", "this is not working", "i should go home"....i resorted to walk even when the pain or tiredess was not that bad. but this is what happens when your mind plays up with you. should I really be doing another marathon?

here i am, moaning about 15 miles when SHADES is running her fifth consecutive today. she'd doing great despite the heat and the pain. GO SHADES GO!!!

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  1. Andrew said...
    I hear you Monika, the mind is a powerful thing! It takes a lot to get through it, especially when you're running on your own. I find it so hard to keep going when I'm tired if I run alone. Keep going, it's all good!!


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