newry city marathon/1

right. i did my last run on friday. 40 mins of pure pain! it looks pretty good for monday doesn't it.

this morning 83togo from fetch came to pick me up at 7:20am (!!) to go to newry to register, collect number and chip. it was the first time i met her and we had a lovely journey. she challenged me to spot the sign that says we are across the border which apparently is very difficult to spot and i did!! it was a small one saying that the speed limit was in miles....i'm bloody clever ain't i?? we got to newry quite early so 83togo, who knows the area quite well, drove along the first half of the marathon just to see how hilly it is. they were making fun of me on fecth by saying that it was vey hill that we'd reach a glacier and the snow must have melted by now and stuff like if....but i was getting worried anyway, i so hate hills. well, it is quite ondulating, lots of ups but then lots of downs too....and the second half seems quite flat. so i can relax a bit... until monday morning that is.

the registration was in a shopping centre and i realised only then that we were actually in uk and that i could have brought some pounds with me. instead i had to resort to my card to buy a nice coffee for me and 83togo. at the registration we met HowFar?, another fetchie, and we had a nice chat. then we were back on the car and home in dublin.

i am very excited now about the marathon. the route seems really beautiful. i forgot to take pictures but this one taken from wikepidia gives an idea of the area, i hope:
it is called newry city marathon but in actual fact it starts in the city only to leave it behind and go in the countryside. we'll then turn and head back into town along a towpath which looks quite cute from where we were. so i guess that overall we'll do 4/5miles in the city overall. it's actually almost a rural marathon :-)

i am off to bed now. i should get some rest. i have a(nother) marathon to do (OMG!)


  1. warriorwoman said...
    Oh my goodness your ticker is so scary, it's at 23 hrs now and seems to be ticking down very quickly.

    Good luck!
    Monica said...
    I have changed it! It was too big, wasn't it??? You can do it!! you have my total support!! is it only the stations in zone 1 that you have to do???

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