after my almost 22mile LRS last sunday I started to feel a niggle in the area between my ankle and my calf. I haven't being training much this week, feeling kind of down, but everybody keeps saying that it's nothing serious and I just want to believe them.

tomorrow morning I'm off to Galway and on sunday morning the buses will take us to connemara for the race. I'll be meeting up with hippo and shades from RW and Fetch and I cannot wait to see them again! Not sure what type of race i'll have considering the niggle and the awful weather conditions they have predicted: rain wind and cold. great!!! just what you need!!! I am just hoping that they're wrong... as usual!


  1. Phil said...
    Well i like your new layout :)
    Andrew said...
    CONGRATS on your new 1/2 marathon record!!! You've broken the 2hr barrier, someday I'll make it! Andrew

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