I found this on the connemara forum posted by one of the organisers:

"Just to clarify: the times are 'starting gun to finish line'. We had a last minute hitch which prevented us using a starting line chip mat. All official results are always 'starting gun to finish line'."

this explains the difference between my garmin time and the official time. so, I am sticking to my garming time....so

sub-2 hours it is!!!!!!


  1. Em said...
    However wonderful my Garmin is, it does annoy me that it loses signal practically every time I run under a tree. And as I run in the countryside, that would be every few seconds, then!

    On the plus side, it probably means I'm putting in more miles than I think I am!

    Well, that's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it!
    Monica said...
    em - my garmin works very well and has never lost signal. which one do you have? In connemara it would have been inpossible to lose signal...there's nothing around :-) they have just calculated the time it took me to cross the start line and they shouldn't have :-)
    Melina2811 said...
    Ciao e buon fine settimana da Maria

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