week 14

I have read many complaints about connemara on the connemara forum. most of them are quite appropriate, but to me the beauty of the place makes me forget everything else!
Having said that, the 20minutes wait outside the tent just after the finish line to get the medal the t-shirt was a real drag and I'm still paying for that now. I am also paying for not having being able to change right away which meant waiting for the bus with my wet cloths on. and it wasn't exactly a warm day.
I am paying becasue I've had the flu since monday and I had to miss a run this week.
On thursday I did 5 miles and my legs felt very weak. Today 9.50 with 3X3k at a pace of 9:30 The last 3k were really tough!
Tomorrow I should do 12 miles at MP, but only AFTER WATCHING FLM ON TV!!!! Hopfully everything will go well :-)

- 2 weeks to padova!! YAY!!


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