week 14 - not too shabby!!

I got up this morning at 8.15 and I sat on my sofa to watch the 5 and a half hours of FLM!!! I laughed and cried and screamed at the TV. I remember very well my FLM in 2006 and it was very hard and emotional. I hope to run it again one day.

it's finally taper time for me. I planned 19k, more or less 12miles, at marathon pace or at what will supposedly be my marathon pace: 9.15 and I finished bang on time. My legs were fine, just a bit tired on the last k. I won't be able to keep this pace for the marathon, that's for sure. But let's focus on the present: this is what I was supposed to do today and this is exactly what I did!

this is the graph of my run. the splits are in k not in miles....sorry :-)


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