padova marathon/1

it was bloody hard and I don't think I'll do it again!! well...I mean...I won't do padova again :-)

but it was great to see my family at the finish line and to meet so many people from the various italian running forums and to meet all my italian blog's friends. I had such a ball....before and after the marathon that is!!

anyway...I don't remember much from the race, so I'll write a complete report when my memory recovers. What I want to say now is that my real time is:


17' sharp less than my (old) PB!!!!!!

I am a bit disappointed though. Not by my time, but by how tough the race was for me!!


  1. Andrew said...
    FANTASTIC TIME!! Congrats!
    Josiegrosie said...
    Well done dude, I am jealous of your extraordinary running prowess!
    Monica said...
    giampiero said...
    I'm very exciting for your performance in Padova!!
    Monica said...

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