yesterday i felt much much better. my mind was working and i was finally making some progress with the article i am trying to finish. so i decided to skip my run and take advantage of a rare moment of inspiration. i knew anyway that i was going to town to meet some friends so i decided to walk there and back as my juneathon activity:

i walked quite briskly and as i was walking i felt like i could have conquered the world. whatever is wrong with me, whatever it is that doesn't make me get a permanent job... i'll fight it. total of 2.77miles yay! was just great. I did 13k which is 8.09 miles and this is the longest i've run since the newry marathon. and it felt great!!! i decided not to go to phoenix park and thought that maybe the 10 miler that i had in mind was a bit too far for me right now. so i decided to go to sandymount and then, since the cars around weren't that many, to come back following a nice road full of trees, amazing and huge georgian houses which are now embassies. it's nice to run in dublin on a sunday morning. everybody is in bed with a hungover so it's a totally different place. quite and peaceful almost.

i was thinking...maybe i should take pictures to show all the juneathoners the beautiful canal and amazing is sandymount, but as i said in one comment to jb's post, i don't like to have things with me while a run. but I have some pics of the route which i took during my walks so i'm using those. it's kind of cheating and it's nothing like the beautiful london parks or cornwal landscape but that's the best i can do. this is sandymount:

while i was running back home i met that guy who asked me out, had a nice evening chatting away and then didn't call me back and ignored my texts. i didn't push him into the canal as i said i would do if i saw him...maybe next time. i'm too nice!! and what is it in dublin that you meet the same people day in day out???? this would have never happened in london!

10 and 11/30 done
miles done yesterday and today: 2.77 + 8.09 = 10.86


miles done in june: 45.59


  1. jogblog said...
    Not another one living by the sea? I am so jealous. I'll swap you the sea for a park. Clissold or Finsbury, your choice.
    Monica said...
    the sea is nice yes, but we also have the biggest inner city park, 3 times central we have it all really...but dublin is not london ... but I can't have everything I guess!
    Phil said...
    Yup living near the sea is just the best and they dont't charge us 50 grand for dropping litter......not that i do.

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